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Are You Experiencing Any of the Following Symptoms?


Food Sensitivities? Digestive Issues? Sleep Disturbances?

Heightened Sensitivity? Crowd Phobias? Ringing in the Ears?

Extreme Emotional Mood Swings?

Feelings of Despair and Hopelessness?

Or the Sudden Onset of Feelings of Compassion for Humanity

Difficult to stay in your Body? Feeling Out of Control?

Heart Palpitations? Energy Surges?

Low Tolerance for Lies and Deceit?

Intuitive Messages and Downloads?

Spontaneous Release of Memories? Memory Problems? Old Ways not Working Anymore?



Global Warming, Economy Crashes, Societal Uprisings, Metoo Movements, Government Greed, Corruption, AI and the Surfacing of Lies are all Symptoms of this upcoming Solar Plexus System.

What’s a Solar Plexus Mutation?

As a humanity we are evolving into a whole new species. This means that we will radically be experiencing reality in a whole new way. Right now most people experience the world through their mind – the mental body – or you could say that we are experiencing the world through a  mental awareness system.  The mental body among many things keeps us in the illusion of separation and out of the present moment.


And we are evolving from a mental awareness system to a Solar Plexus Awareness system. Or if you are Kundalini Yogi –  you could call it the Self-Sensory System. The awareness of ourselves as a Soul living in a human body. Realize the Truth of who we really are. But first we need to go through a Solar Plexus Mutation.

Michael Neutrino

The Galactic Center is Emitting High Frequency Energies to the Planet.

The Solar Plexus Mutation is the Self-Sensory System that precedes the Aquarian Age that  Yogi Bhajan spoke of at length.


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What's Included?

Over 6 Hours of Teachings plus Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. Information is sourced from Ancient and Modern Teachings and Intuitive Download.

 * Understand this New Aquarian Age Paradigm and the Language of Frequency

 * Learn What Humanity will Look Like in the Future 

 * Learn How to Protect your Energy Bodies from Conditioning 

 * Kundalini Yoga Sadhana Practice

 * Discover your Solar Plexus Needs

 * What to Expect in the coming years 2020 – 2027

 * The Qualities of the New Human (Homo Sanctus)

* What you need to Let Go Of and What to Keep 

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