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Healing the Mother Wound

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Mother Wounding

Mother wounding can be devastating to your sense of self and your Spiritual development. The Mother is our first Spiritual Teacher and she gives us our identity and sense of belonging. Mother wounding can negatively affect our relationship to the material world.

This wound and can be passed down from generation to generation through  your ancestral line.

Signs of Mother Wounding

  • Confusion about who you are and what you're here to contribute
  • Invisible Blocks to manifesting in the material world
  • Low self-esteem and lack of self-value
  • Underlying anxiety and insecurity
  • Never feeling safe or a sense of belonging on planet Earth
  • Chronic Health Problems
  • Overly dependent on others materially or overly Independent!
  • Trust issues with women

Chiron Shows You Where to Look

Chiron in your chart will show you where this wounding takes place in your life.
This webinar is not about getting more information but more about having an experience so that you can heal.

Tell Me More About Chiron?

Chiron is an astroid that lives between Saturn and Uranus.
Chiron acts as a bridge between our collective mind and galactic intelligence. He points his arrow to 27.5  degrees Sagittarius which is the galactic center and the siddhi of Light.
Chiron represents the deepest wounded parts of ourselves.
Chiron represents the communication link to our inner teacher. Whenever we experience an emotional  crisis in our life - you can bet that Chrion is involved.
Chiron is the mystical doorway into our awakening through the emotional  body.
Michael Neutrino

Chiron is in Aries from 2018 - 2027

Chiron entered Aries in 2018 in the shadow of constriction and the gift of universal love. It is now in the shadow of Control and will move into the shadows of agitation , expectation and chaos until 2027.
When we don't embrace the teachings of Chiron we can generally feel scattered, ungrounded and trapped by our wounding. This denial and repression can present huge obstacles preventing us from delivering our Soul Purpose.
The power of understanding Chiron can empower us to move into this  great age of Aquarius with confidence and to help others do the same!
Michael Neutrino

Your Deepest Wounding is your Greatest Gift to the World


Chiron in the chart gives us valuable clues into our Soul Purpose. Each one of us has incarnated at this transition point to deliver our Soul Purpose.
The ancients have told us that what we don't deliver will eventually destroy us.
It is now time to alchemize our wounding to transcend it into the medicine that will help others

What's Included?

Over 6 Hours of Teachings plus powerful Kundalini Yoga and Meditations.

Information is sourced from Western Astrology, Gene Keys, Human Design and my own experiences.


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