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Neutrino Astrology -Shine As Your Authentic Self

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Earth is a School But We Didn't Get the Course Content!

We have forgotten that we are Spiritual Beings having human experiences.

We've each incarnated to grow and evolve as a Soul.

Through my readings, and online programs, I can help you get yourself back on track for the New Age of Aquarius.

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I combine astrology, human design, gene keys, tarot and my own intuition. Readings are spiritual in nature. 

Soul Purpose Reading

Couples Reading

Family Reading

Human Design Pre-Recorded Reading

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Phoenix Club Membership

Perfect compliment to the Awaken the Sleeping Phoenix Program. Feel supported to do this deep inner work.


  • Weekly Sunday  LIVE Zoom Meeting (Teachings/Meditation/Interaction)
  • Daily LIVE Transit Report with Tarot
  • A place to DM, Chat (word and video) with other members 
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Learn More About Your Authentic Self 

My Legacy Program Awakening the Sleeping Phoenix to Heal Your Inner Child

Webinars include Prosperity in Your Chart, Soul Purpose, Mother and Father Wounds, Solar Plexus Mutation, How to Read Your Own Human Design Chart, Projectors on Purpose, the Future of Relationships and more.

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Free Video - Are You Experiencing these Symptoms?

It could mean that you are awakening. Find out more as it relates to these next 7 years!



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