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Are you Experiencing these Symptoms?


Learn to Be Your Authentic Self! Let go of the past, evolve through the Emotional Body and Deliver your Soul Purpose. Start your Deconditioning Process at the Cellular Level with my 1.5 hr Recorded Readings.

50% Off 1.5 Hr Recorded Readings - Type in EMPATHY


As a humanity we are moving out of a 300 year global cycle that began in 1615 and ends in 2027. This program prepares you for the New Global Cycle that shifts in 2027. Emotional Purification Work - Shadow Work to Expand your Self- Awareness. You start responding to Life rather than reacting. This is the program you want to take - it will give you overall healing.

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2023 YEAR AHEAD -Jan 8/23- 1:00 pm(PST)

What energies and themes are coming for 2023? What energies played out in 2022? What do you need to know in order to move safely forward on your Spiritual Journey?

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What You Need to Know

This is NOT the End of the World - It's the Birth of the NEW Aquarian Age

The ancients warned us that we would be going through a Great Shift of the Ages and that we would need to change.

The Human Species is Evolving 

We are returning back into our hearts, living in harmony with each other and the planet. We are going through a profound Solar Plexus Mutation for 2027.

How I Can Help?

We've been living in an upside down world and it's coming right side up again. Everything is Changing Including You!

2x4 vs Light As a Feather Method

Each one of us must change and either we go kicking and screaming (2x4 Method) or with ease ( light as a Feather Method). I help you to transition through these times with ease and wonder.

Be Your Authentic Self 

All of my offerings serve to bring you to your Authenticity - to reach your highest potential in this lifetime. And to prepare you to make your contribution with your Divine Gifts.

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