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Recorded Neutrino Astrology Reading

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Awareness is the Catalyst for Change

We are each designed to be Aware Beings.

We each have our own Unique Intelligence according to our Human Design Chart.

We each have our Role to play during this time of Great Transition.

No two charts are alike.

" I am speechless.  The reading is staggering. So much understanding of self is coming thru. I’m about to turn 50 and feel so grateful for this knowledge.  I’m listening over and over. A thousand thank You’s!"

"Finally just got the reading. Don't wait!! I've researched my astro + #s for over a decade and had no idea what i was missing here. I wish I'd done this a decade ago. 💖🙏"


What's your Rightful Place in our Evolutionary Story for the Aquarian Age?

Do you experience low energy, excess weight or illness?

Do you experience anxiety, depression and worry?

Do you get caught in negative, self-limiting scarcity thinking?

If you answer "yes" to any of these questions - it just means you are not operating as yourself.

Your Physical Body is the Vehicle for your Soul

According to your UNIQUE Human Design Chart you are designed to nurture your Brain and Physical Body in a specific way.

We've been brainwashed to believe that every human needs the same things in order to be mentally and physically healthy.

NOT TRUE. If you're driving a Telsa and you're taking care of your body and brain as if it's a one-size-fits-all Pinto - you're going to get into trouble.

How Does Our Food Affect our Spiritual Awareness?

Food is the most powerful way to affect our brain and in turn our Mind. This means that we become spiritually crippled - less consciousness can enter into our physical form.

Q. Why do you think there is an attack on our human biology with GMOs, fluoride in the water, chem trails and now moving us more into lab created foods?

A. To desperately keep the human race from evolving into our Authentic Selves for the NEW Golden Age that is coming.

When your brain and vehicle are not operating correctly, you can easily be manipulated and controlled into perceiving reality in a homogenized way.

Very Brief Example of Reading

This is my chart on the right.

My Food is called Cold. This means in order to nurture my brain function and digestive system, I must eat foods that are above body temperature. It is also best for me (inner vision) to close my eyes when I eat. This also transcends to how I am designed to  digest life which I go into in the full reading.

My Ideal Environment is called Passive Mountains. My vehicle is nurtured when living in high elevations where oxygen level is less dense. I am designed to be relaxed where I live. This also affects how I see the world - from an elevated perspective not getting trapped in the minutia of life.

My Overall Variable is 3 parts right - one part left. (DRR-PLR ). This means I am here to be a deep well for others. I must not fall victim to the strategic, logical world. I am a deep sponge that absorbs frequencies when I am present and receptive. I am a deep resource for others who draw from my well and I give them what they need.

My Aura Type is Projector. My aura is designed to energetically attract invitations. I first must be recognized for my gifts and then invited. When I am not operating as myself, I will feel bitterness. When I honor my type I will feel successful.

(Please note that this is very brief. In the reading is an hour and I go more into depth and give you practical ways to work with information)

How Will the Recorded Neutrino Astrology Reading help you:

  • Awakens your New Self-Sensory System for the Aquarian Age
  • Accelerates your deprogramming from the Maya
  • Trust Life and your own Inner Authority
  • Clearer Thinking, Improved Digestion and Sleep
  • More Energy and Serenity
  • Body naturally Starts to Heal Itself
  • Feel relaxed to sit back and enjoy the Movie called your Life
  • Depending on your Auric Type - experience Peace, Satisfaction,Success and Surprises!


Are you Ready to Step Away from the Fake World and Embrace the Mystery of your Uniqueness?

This reading is precise - it is a deeper look into your chart than just a general readings so your time of birth must be accurate. Make sure your time is coming from your birth certificate. Contact your parent or hospital.

What’s Included?

  • Over 1.5 hours of recordings.
  • Audios (mp3) and Videos (mp4) of your diet, environment, variable (map of how your awareness works) and aura type.
  • Your in depth advanced Chart (pdf)
  • 31 min powerful Kundalini Yoga Meditation (video) to Speed up your Awakening.
  • Access to my 2021 Webinar (4hrs)

What Happens After I Pay for My Reading?

Since the recording is unique to you it will take time for me to do the recording.

At this point expect only about a 48 hour wait.

(unless you are a Reflector or a Manifestor)

You will want to listen to this recording (transmission) over and over again. There will be suggestions how you can work with your unique experiment.

Your Chart Describes You as an Enlightened Being

Recorded Neutrino Astrology Reading

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Check your spam folder if you haven't heard from me. Also if you have a hotmail account - it is best to switch to g-mail.

If you filled out the questionnaire and still haven't received your reading after 48 hrs - please contact me

(keep in mind that I'm in HST and it maybe the middle of the night for me)

(Expect a 24 - 48 hr wait)

Did you know that a percentage of your money goes towards helping animals in India?

I donate a percentage of all money received to Arunachala Animal Sanctuary located in Tiruvannamalai.

They are committed to not just treating sick and injured animals of all kinds but also giving them love.