❀️ Aquarian Relationship 🌟Level 2🌟 Online Retreat - May 10-12

Chiron on the North Node - Part 2

51st gate chiron north node Feb 21, 2024

 0:00 Welcome 2:32 Chariklo + Chiron (Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine) 8:34 - Tarot Cards 11:32 Divine Feminine 21:15 Codependency (South Node) 26:23 Online Retreat - Your Personal Chiron Wound 32:16 Collective Read - Virgo 41:53 Manifestor - Aries 53:04 Projector - Taurus 1:06:31 Manifesting Generators - Sagittarius 1:19:02 Generators - Capricorn 1:31:07 Reflector - Gemini


Here's Part 1 In Case Your Zodiac Sign is Not Listed 


00:00 NEW Pluto Aquarius Energy 07:17 Chrion Conjunct - FEB 19 - Human Design  16:11 Story of Chiron 32:55 Collective Read - Libra 44:15 Generator - Cancer 55:55 Manifesting Generators - Scorpio 1:09:11 Manifestor - Aquarius 1:17:30 Projector - Leo 1:30:33 Reflector - Pisces


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πŸ›‘ Our Destiny Calls Us This Month - Chiron on the North Node

chiron Feb 14, 2024

Valentine's Day - Relationship Revolution

As of today - Pluto, Venus and Mars are all in the Gate of Limitation (60).

This energy is about confronting the harsh Truth within our present relationships. Who is limiting your Souls' Evolution? 

This is a time to not get caught up in the conditioned propaganda of Valentine's Day and use this energy to get clear on your Values (Venus) - your Soul's Desire ( Mars) and Truth (Pluto). 

Are they in alignment with your partner's values, soul's desire and their Truth? Maybe it's time to have an honest conversation no matter how challenging. 

Since the New Moon we have been in a learning cycle of acceptance or rejection (49th Gate) of our relationships. And to let go of old conditioning around people pleasing, making our life choices based on someone else's opinions or beliefs. ( SN Libra).

Chiron on the NN is activating our awakening (51) and can bring up our deepest unconscious wounds around relationships. This energy is calling...

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New Moon - Radical Relationship Changes

New Moon - Stay or Go?

The New Moon on Friday Feb 9 is activating the 49th Hexagram - this is the Divorce or Separation Gate.

We could see relationship dynamics come to a head with angry outbursts. The energy wants you with the people who share similar  principals and values. 

Pluto In Capricorn, since 2008 had us in karmic relationships to fast track our debts. Or you may  not have been in a steady relationship during the majority of this period. Your karma could have been to be single. 

Now with Pluto in Aquarius for the next 20 years - our relationships take on a more progressive feel to them. These are the relationships that are rooted in friendship as their foundation. We now come together in love, friendship and respect instead of fulfilling karmic contracts. 

The 49th gate is the butcher - it separates those alliances that keep you from moving forward in your life.

Emotional Intensity is Building this Week - Peaks Feb 13  


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πŸ›‘ Opportunity to Evaluate Your Relationships - β˜€οΈ 19th Gate

19th gk codependency Jan 30, 2024

Sun activates the Gate of Codependency (19) all Week

Reminder that the 19th gate is being scrubbed from humanity for the new 400 year cycle starting in 2027.

This means that the Shadow of Codependency needs to be transmuted in order to progress forward as a human species.

 Unfortunately, we've been conditioned to conflate love with co-dependency. So we have a lot of unlearning to do in terms of how we relate to one another in a true and authentic way.

If you have given your power away to another person or sacrificing a part of your authenticity or holding yourself back from walking your spiritual destiny then the Universe will intervene to  separate this relationship. There will no longer be support for anything that is not aligned with your Soul.

This week is a good time to evaluate how you are in relationships. These patterns run deep and go back to the original conditioning we received from 0-7 years old.

The Mother Wound

Our unconscious relationship...

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Full Moon - Jan 25 - Step Up To Your Soul Purpose

 Full Moon Activates the Leadership Gate of Influence (31) 

Today, Jan 25/24, is the first full moon of the Human Design New Year.

This energy is calling us to step up in leadership. This is about having influence on others either directly or indirectly. For example, you can be a leader of this new consciousness, your family, community, network of friends. You can be a leader in your workplace even though you don't hold the title of supervisor - it means that you have an influence on others. You can be a leader as a healer - influencing others to their well being. 

The gate is in the 4th line which tells us that when we do become visible as our authentic self (leaders) - some people will appreciate our courage and others will criticize us. We can't escape this dynamic - a thick skin is required  for true leaders.

This Full Moon says,  lean on the strength of your Spirit and don't try to please everyone and don't let the...

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Opening of the Portal - This Weekend - Unlock Boundless Change

new year 2024 Jan 15, 2024

This Weekend holds the Greatest Astrological Events of this Year 

You need to know these times and dates.

Pluto and the Sun are together at 29 degrees 59 mins in Capricorn Saturday - Jan 20 - 5:45 PM (pst)

This is the very last place for Pluto and the Sun to meet in the Sign of Capricorn.

This is the closing of a 15 year cycle that began in 2008 when Pluto moved into Capricorn. We were learning about self responsibility, discipline and commitment to our Spiritual Development. 

Also taking back our own inner authority and slowly weaning ourselves from the status quo.  This was about doing the hard inner work in order to have a strong foundation for these turbulent times that are coming.

Don't worry if you haven't done this work - the Divine has given you a year to catch up and the energetic support to transcend quickly. Pluto slips back into Capricorn (29th degree) - Sept - Nov for you to finish up your work and then you can jump in for the...

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⏰ All Human Design Types- Countdown to the Planetary New Year

new year 2024 Jan 12, 2024


What Are Your Last 3 Countdown Steps To The Planetary New Year? 

After this week, everything is about to speed up. When the Sun moves into the 41st Gate on Jan 22, 2024 we will begin our new cycle of experience.

Jan 1st - 5th - the theme was about looking back at the year to see if you discovered your Soul Purpose? Did you find your passion? Did you discover meaning last year? Did you find something worth fighting for?

Jan 6th - 10th - the theme was about looking at who was your Soul Allies? Who was a block and obstacle to your Soul's evolution? Who is coming with you into 2024? Who have you left behind?  Watch the New Moon video if you haven't watched it already.

Jan 11th  - 15th - the theme is about going inside to discover your inner truth. To remove yourself from other's opinions and judgements and focus on you. To face the fact that your Truth can be completely different than others in your life. This Truth you must follow for...

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πŸ”΄ New Moon This Week - Preparing Us for Rapid Change

54th gk new moon Jan 08, 2024

New Year Energy 

Remember, according to Human Design, the New Year really kicks off - Jan 22, 2024.

Since Jan 1st we've been called to reflect on whether we are aligned with our Soul Purpose or not? 

Now the  New Moon on Jan 11th is preparing us to move forward another notch. (I will talk about the last 2 steps in my next newsletter.) 

New Moon Theme - Who's On My Team? 

The New Moon activates the 54th gate which is about ambition and aspiring to something greater than mere survival. 

More reflection is required on who has been with me on my Spiritual Path in 2023? What has been a block and distraction on my Spiritual Path? Who are friends of my consciousness and who are friends of my habits? This is a time to discern whether these people are coming with you on the next leg of your journey.

2024 Calls for Deeper Commitment 

Reality is about to go into hyper speed in 2024 and you must be grounded in your Inner Being to navigate...

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πŸ’₯ New Year 2024 Message - What Major Theme Do You Need to Know?

2024 new year Dec 31, 2023

Hold Up

Before you run out and start making new resolutions - remember that the Sun is transiting the shadow of Struggle ( 38th gate). This is why New Year's resolutions typically don't hold.

According to Human Design, the New Year is when the Sun transits the 41st gate ( the start codon to every new human experience) which this year falls on Jan 22, 2024. 

This is when the the wind is at your back and you are energetically supported to act on the NEW.

What Can I Do Now?

The Sun is transiting the 38 which is about fighting for what is important to you. Reflect on your Soul Purpose - how  do you want to contribute to humanity this year? What mission is  worth fighting for? Tap into the gift of perseverance. This is the gate of the spiritual warrior.

Good News

I did a Livestream on Jupiter finally going direct. Jupiter was in retrograde since September that has brought us losses to make way for the new. I did a very brief run down how this could have played...

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Full Moon Activates Buddha Gate - Don't React from Ego/Emotions

52nd gate full moon Dec 25, 2023

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season and using the superpower of restraint! Apologies for missing my newsletter last week. (Life had it's way with me and suddenly a week passed by. Time seems to doing strange things this month.)

Last Full Moon of 2023 - Emotional  

Full Moon Activates the 52nd Gate 

I did a livestream on this full moon but I wanted to add a bit more information to help you glide through potential relationship mine fields.

Briefly -  this Full Moon is in the shadow of stress and gift of restraint. This means that the root pressure to act or react is strong. On the flip side it can be experienced as a system paralysis where one can feel depressed and shut down unable to act/react. Message is to rest and relax this week. Dec 31 and onward  will be moving us quickly forward 

Mars and Mercury both activate the 11th gate which is about ideas and beliefs. Mars is aggressive and pushy and...

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