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Venus Activates 4 gates of the Solar Plexus until Feb/23

venus Jan 25, 2023

Venus Activates the Solar Plexus until Feb 18/23

Venus in transit represents the headlines we see out in the world. The acceptable morality for humanity - what is right and wrong. In the 2023 year chart, Venus is in the gate of revolution - all about massive social change. This is a theme that we will see until Jan, 2024. We can see these revolutionary movements across the globe this month - Peru - France - Brazil. Is it morally right  or wrong to protest the status quo? The program wants humanity to figure that out for our evolution.

Now Venus will make its first activation in Pisces on the 55th gate of Spirit. Venus is the ruler of of the North Node - our destiny - so it's an important transit to look at.

The 55 is the shadow of Victim and gifts of Freedom. Victim consciousness has to leave the planet for the Aquarian Age. This shadow affects our prosperity because we see reality through our emotional state which fluctuates from high to low. The 55th gate is going...

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🤔 Gift of Maturity and the Secret Secretion

Remember that we're not in the ENERGY of the New Year yet! So hold up trying to follow through on resolutions until you are energetically supported to do so. According to Human Design, the New Year starts when the Sun moves into the 41st gate on January 22/23. We also need to look at the Spring Equinox for further information. 

 I'm have  presented  a New Year Webinar on the 2023 themes according to the Human Design Transits - and a look back at the themes of 2022.

Full Moon in 53

I am more committed to following the Lunar Calendar this year.

The New 2027 Global Cycle Change is calling us to embrace our Eternal Self - the Vibrational. This means that we need to align with the Timeless. This year it will feel like time is speeding up which really means that we are not aligned with the Timeless.

Moving into the Timeless doesn't mean that you miss paying your rent and bills, skip important appointments and become a flake.

It means moving away from global...

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Why Does the World Seem So Depressing? 5 Things You Can Do.

Why Is the World Depressing?

As we come closer to the 2027 Global Cycle Change for the next 400 years and the Aquarian Age, the world seems to be getting more and more chaotic.

The mass confusion and uncertainty can make people depressed, anxious, angry, fearful and deeply sad. The frequency of our mind is changing as well as our physical bodies. This is all part of our evolutionary process as we are being reborn like the Phoenix rising from the ashes. 

Solar Flares and Consciousness

I've finally created a short, succinct video (12 mins) that explains the root of what is going on at the Spiritual Level during these next few years. Also the 5 main things that you need to focus on to thrive during these times. We are going through a massive shift in consciousness and a major player is our Solar Sun.

The ancient seers warned us that when we would see an increase in solar activity -  it would be a sign that we will be experiencing a massive shift in...

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2022 in Review - Mercury in the Matrix

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2022

Sat Nam, Aloha

The transit chart of 2022 can give us a lot of information about the conditioning field we as a humanity have been under.

Remember that the official new year is when the Sun moves to the 41st gate or start codon. This happens around Jan 22nd of every year.

Neutrinos are subatomic particles that emit from our Solar Sun. They leave an imprint and this is the chart. They hold information and can travel through solid object influencing us at the DNA level. Neutrinos are the exhale of the Stars, Chi or Prana. 65 Million Neutrinos pass through the tip of your thumbnail every second. If you are not living as your Authentic Self - you will be carried along by this neutrino program.

The planet mercury activated the 41st gate at the exact time of 2022 New Year. This particular activation will show us how humanity had been conditioned to think - speak and communicate all year. This is the gate of contraction which can be translated as the inflation that we experienced with the...

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How to Overcome Anxiety from a Spiritual Perspective with Meditation

anxiety new moon Jul 19, 2022

Have you been worrying about the future? There seems to be a lot of  uncertainty about what the future holds for humanity.  

We're Evolving through the Emotional Body

Our evolution involves the movement of consciousness through the pathway of awareness. I talk about this in my video with visual aids. For the Aquarian Age we are moving back into frequency or Spirt Awareness.  The only doorway  into frequency is through the emotional body. 

Fear of the future is now releasing from the collective unconscious of humanity which creates anxiety. Anxiety is when the mind gets entangles with the emotion of fear.



KY Meditation for Anxiety


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Learn what your body, brain needs to eat and the correct environment for you. Also how your brain and mind work - what you are supposed to see out in the world. How you make your decisions based on your Aura Type. Plus a KY...

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How to Stop Caring What People Think

 The New Aquarian Age Consciousness that's coming demands that you become your Authentic Self. Nothing will work in your life until you become You!

All the losses that you've experienced are only showing you that these things and people were no longer aligned with your Authentic Self.

Why is it so Challenging to be Our True Self?

When we incarnate we enter into a powerful conditioning field of energy. This frequency enters deeply into the cells of our physical body. This is why when we do the Inner Spiritual Work to let go of an old self -  we are confronted by deep fears. These unconscious fears come from this original conditioning field.

To  truly go through a shamanic death (ego - old self death) we have to integrate these unconscious fears. 

A practical and efficient way to fast track the disentanglement from these fear programs is to work with your DESIGN.

Human Design is the future of  astrology and shows...

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Saturn in Shadow of Reaction Until Jan 20/23 - ALL Signs

The energies are volatile now all week with Pluto (shadow of limitation) squaring Mars (shadow of chaos). Stay grounded and try to avoid spending  a lot of time with people with anger issues.

Saturn, the stern taskmaster, is putting us through the ringer when he moves into the shadow of REACTION (49th Gate) on July 6th.  Saturn will sit there until Jan 20, 2023

The 49th gate is going through a huge mutation for 2027 and it rules the way in which we get emotionally triggered.

In the livestream, I explain how this shadow pattern is extremely emotionally volatile. The shadow makes us react  because it is actually stems from our fear of being rejected by the other.

The gift is REBIRTH!

Watch the beginning  to understand how this emotional pattern operates in tandem with the ego (Mr Wormtongue).  This knowledge will save you a lot of grief and regret in your relationships.

Also learn where it will play out in your life for the next 6...

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💥 Lunar Eclipse through ALL the Signs with Cards

lunar eclipse May 15, 2022

Are you feeling tired and exhausted? Sadness and melancholy? Are your relationships on the forefront of your mind? These are the effects of the lunar eclipse taking place today.

Relationships and Righteous Rage

Remember that we are going through a massive awakening on the planet and evolving through the emotional body. 

Relationships are coming and going through this eclipse season. It's time to only surround yourself  with people who value you and are aligned with your spiritually. 

The shadow of compromise keeps us trapped in karmic relationships that keep us small and out of our spiritual power. We truly are in a spiritual test and the transit chart validates this.

Please watch my LIVESTREAM that I hosted on Saturday, May 14th, 2022.

The Collective Segment is especially important for everyone to listen to as I talk about righteous rage as a fuel coming from the Divine.

The eclipse is communicating that you need to let something go that you can't...

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