❤️ Aquarian Relationship Level 2 ❤️ Online Retreat - May 10 -12

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Aquarian Relationship Online Retreat

March 29  - 31, 2024

According to Human Design, we are going through a massive genetic mutation in our relationship dynamics. This is part of our evolutionary process into the New Age of Aquarius.

In 2027, the theme on the planet for the next 400 years, will be focused on our human relationships. 

From 2027 until 2094 we will be in a 6th line theme which means we will be genetically driven by our Soul towards partners. For the last 400 years, we've been genetically driven by our biology  to create families (communities) in order to keep the species alive. 

I will go much deeper into the future of these Aquarian Relationships during the online retreat.

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Death and Dying - $79

Over 6 Hrs

Right now on this planet  - there is a powerful force of death as we are ending a 400 year cycle of the evolution of humanity. This is the destruction of an old state of consciousness (tribal) in order that a new consciousness can be born in 2027.

Our deepest fear is fear of physical death. According to Human Design - we go through a particular sequence according to the chart. This is valuable information that you need to know for you and your loved ones.

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Sleeping Phoenix Webinar Series ( 2027 - 2438) $79 

Over 7.5 Hrs Valuable Content 

  • This is a deep dive into an overview of the Sleeping Phoenix (2027 - 2438)
  • What themes are we leaving behind - the Cross of Planning (1615-2027)
  • What new themes will we see in the future?
  • What will the children born after 2027 be like? 
  • What in particular must I let go to embrace this new consciousness
  • What direction must I take to prepare for this global shift?
  • What's prosperity in the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix?
  •  Kundalini Yoga Meditations 
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Solar Plexus Mutation

Awakening the Sleeping Phoenix Program 

  It is deep dive into emotional inner child and shadow work. 

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Solar Plexus Mutation

Prosperity in the Chart - $59.99 for both webinars

Over 7.5 hrs of Content Meditation to let go of past life vows and meditation to transmute ancestral shame.

Learn your unique pathway to prosperity. How are you designed to earn and attract your money? What are your gifts for money? What is your relationship to money? Start Immediately!

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Solar Plexus Mutation

Solar Plexus Mutation 2027 Series - $39.99

Humanity is going through a major mutation for 2027. Watch this 6 hour webinar to get up to speed and it also includes a Kundalini Yoga Meditation to practice to integrate these intense energies.

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Did you know that a percentage of your money goes towards helping rescue children from sexual exploitation?

I donate a percentage of all money received to Operation Underground Railway (O.U.R.) who are committed to stop child sexual exploitation around the globe.

They are committed to:

  • rescue children - on the ground around the globe
  • provide aftercare trauma services for survivors of sexual exploitation
  • provide safe adoption initiatives for at risk children 

O.U.R. says,  "our resolve never falters and we will faithfully persevere until every child is safe."  


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