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What are my divine gifts and talents? What do I need to learn in this incarnation?

The Soul Purpose Reading is based on the synergy of your Human Design and Western Astrology Chart.

The chart is a snap shot of the neutrino stream at the moment of your birth. This a perfect mirror of your Original Self before the conditioning of the world.

In every second we are literally bombarded by trillions of neutrinos which are subatomic particles or cosmic messengers that originate mostly from the Sun.

The neutrinos correlate to a planet, a hexagram, a line, chakra, shadow and gift.

The location, time, day, month and year of birth is not a coincidence. The neutrinos leave a precise imprint which gives you a map of your inner consciousness. This map illustrates where you must travel in this lifetime - the fears and challenges that you must face in order to unlock your genius.

There is a plethora of information that you can glean from your chart.

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Your Chart Describes You As An Enlightened Being

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What Kind of Information Does the Reading Include?

Past Life Gifts and Negative Traps

Incarnation Theme and Where Your Soul wants you to Go in this Lifetime

Role you are Here to Play

What you will be know for by the Public

Where you Shine as Your Authentic Self

How to Present Your Gifts and Talents

Your Greatest Spiritual Lesson

How to Bring Your Purpose Alive

Suggested Sadhana Practice

In the questionnaire you can add specific things that you want me to focus on.

In addition, I am a 2-4 Emotional Projector. A DRR - PLR Variable so it really depends upon your consciousness and what you need at the time of the reading to what other things will come out of me. You can find this information for yourself by purchasing my recorded readings.


How Does it Work?

After $299 Payment you will be sent to fill out a detailed questionnaire.

Then you will be sent to a link where you can schedule your appointment. 

(If your timezone is radically different than mine we can work out another time that is suitable for both of us)

In the waiting period, I will calculate your chart,  study it and intuitively read it in preparation for our 2 hour meeting.

As we draw closer I will send you a Zoom Link. You can use your computer, tablet or smart phone. You can also phone in with just audio as well.

Make sure that you reboot your computer, phone or tablet before logging on.

Once the reading recording is processed you will be sent an audio and video.


What Does It Include?

  • Recording of Reading (mp3 and mp4)
  • Your Neutrino Astrology Charts (pdf)
  • Wrap Up Sheets where you fill out keynotes and phrases for your Soul Purpose (pdf)
  • Suggested Meditation Practice
  • Meetings run about 1.5 hr (sometimes longer)  in total and is full of valuable information for you.

In my experience, it's information that never changes and I'm always amazed at the accuracy of these systems.

You will want to listen to this information over and over again.

Are You Ready? Also Includes the 1.5 Hr Recorded Reading to Prepare you - $299

In case you have not been directed to the questionnaire - please contact me directly. (Keep in mind I'm in HST time zone so it may take some hours before I get up in the morning.)

Book Your Soul Purpose Reading Today and Receive the Recorded Reading within 48 Hours

Did you know that a percentage of your money goes towards helping rescue children from sexual exploitation?

I donate a percentage of all money received to Operation Underground Railway (O.U.R.) who are committed to stop child sexual exploitation around the globe.

They are committed to:

  • rescue children - on the ground around the globe
  • provide aftercare trauma services for survivors of sexual exploitation
  • provide safe adoption initiatives for at risk children 

O.U.R. says,  "our resolve never falters and we will faithfully persevere until every child is safe."  


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