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My name is Michael Neutrino - the Yogi formerly known as Catalyst Yogi.

 The world doesn’t need anymore followers – it needs self-empowered individuals who can lead others into the Aquarian Age.

According to Human Design, I am a 2-4 Emotional Projector designed to empower you to be your Unique Self and to Live your Soul Purpose.

You can't do your Purpose until You Are your Authentic Self!

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What's My Story?

One of my earliest childhood memories was every Monday morning  when both of my parents would transform from relaxed, peaceful and happy to frustrated, stressed out and angry.

My parents loved their pay cheques but they hated their jobs.

As child I couldn’t understand why they spent such a big part of their life 8 hours a day – 5 days a week – 50 weeks per year doing something that they hated.

I vowed that I would never live my life like this – chained to a job I hated.  Inside me I held the ideal that Life doesn’t have to be such a struggle from the cradle to the grave.

I’ve worked in the social service sector for many years. I have also worked in the creative arts field too.

I quit my full time j.o.b. in 2005 and this was the birth of self-employment and I haven’t looked back. 

My approach has always been to help others heal as I’ve been healed.

We can only really  help others to the depth of our own healing. This is why a lot of teachers and healers are attracted to my deeply personal healing programs. The truly successful Aquarian teachers must move effortlessly from teacher to student and back again.


Michael Neutrino Catalyst Yogi
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I am a perpetual student always studying and working on myself. Life is my Greatest Teacher.

I am a trained energy healer. I am a certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher.  I’ve been practicing KY since 2000. I am also certified in the following Kundalini Yoga Level 2 Programs: Mind and Meditation; Lifecycles and Lifestyles; Conscious Communication and Authentic Relationships.

I have been studying the Gene Keys, Astrology and Human Design since 2005. I successfully completed the Gene Keys Ambassador Program in 2019.

I am one of the founders of the 3HO International Men’s Yoga Camp in Vancouver, Canada.

I am also a regular contributor of the 3HO Blog.

Since 2013 I have presented 16 online healing programs helping hundreds of people to live as their authentic self.

Since 2009, I've posted regular free videos to Youtube (14,000 subs and growing) and daily posts to Facebook (21,000 fans and growing).

My Soul Purpose gifts are Commitment and Devotion and I remind myself that it takes time to build a strong foundation.  

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Guru Amrit K.

"Working with Catalyst Yogi (Michael Neutrino) was just as fulfilling as I expected. He has incredible talent and is highly gifted in a very deep and unique way. Very, very powerful communicator and one of the most intuitive individuals I have ever had the privilege to work with.”

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Alexis H.

“Thank you for your guidance and being so grounded in your own intuition and sense of self. My bullshit meter never even uttered a blip about you the entire 12 weeks. You are the real deal. It is a blessing to know you.” 

Did you know that a percentage of your money goes towards helping rescue children from sexual exploitation?

I donate a percentage of all money received to Operation Underground Railway (O.U.R.) who are committed to stop child sexual exploitation around the globe.

They are committed to:

  • rescue children - on the ground around the globe
  • provide aftercare trauma services for survivors of sexual exploitation
  • provide safe adoption initiatives for at risk children 

O.U.R. says,  "our resolve never falters and we will faithfully persevere until every child is safe."  


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