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Unconscious Sun Webinar Series

Healing the Father Wound

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Regain your Confidence, Optimism, Fortitude and _________(your unique gift).

Signs of Father Wounding

  • Afraid to take risks in life
  • Financial Instability
  • Don't Feel Supported by Others - No one seems to have your back
  • Driven to Compete or Others Compete with You 
  • Challenged to Set Boundaries and to Stand Up for Yourself
  • Lack of Self-Confidence and Belief in Yourself
  • Feel Inadequate and Insecure in your Abilities
  • Issues with Authority - Rebellious or Give Your Power Away 
  • Trust Issues with Men
  • Reactive to Any Kind of Criticism
  • Difficulty making Decisions
  • Issues with Procrastination 

Where to Look?

The Unconscious Sun in your chart represents the ancient wounding you received from your father, grandfather and great grandfather and so on.

These patterns get laid down before you, the Soul, enters the fetus at 120 days after conception.

The good news is that this wounding contains a valuable gift for you from your paternal ancestral line.

The correct mother gives us our identity and the correct father teaches us how to assert that identity out in the world. 

To heal your ancestral father wound is to do your Soul Purpose with confidence, self-respect and fortitude.

Father Energy

The correct Father Energy gives you a feeling of  protection.  If you did not receive this as a child you will have challenges trusting in a Divine Presence that guides you through life. 

It's difficult to open our heart and do our Soul Purpose when we feel unprotected and abandoned by the Divine.

When we heal the father wound passed down from our own father we open up to the energy of the Heavenly Father to enter our life. 

Michael Neutrino

You are either taking your guidance from the external (ego) or the internal (Divine) 

 You will know the answer by the fruits in your life.

What's Included?

What you'll receive:

  • Kundalini Yoga Meditations + Kriya to Heal the Father Wound
  • Tools to integrate your Unique Father Wound into the Gift 
  • Spiritual Teachings 
  • Recordings 
  • A place to communicate with other participants

** Note that there is no overlap with the Inner Child 6 Week Program and the Healing the Father and Mother Wound Webinars.

 Information is sourced from Human Design, Western Astrology, Gene Keys,  and my own experiences.


"Just want to let you know that the first Father Wound class was SO INCREDIBLY POWERFUL for me ... and I've been working on this stuff for a really long time, just shaving off bits and pieces but still feeling THWARTED inside, and then that last class was like a neutron bomb!

It just blew open COMPASSION and UNDERSTANDING for me. The relief I feel is palpable. - KC

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